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Growth Hacking for Design Thinkers


Growth Hacking for Design Thinkers

Growth Hacking Guide using Design Thinking

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Growth hacking has been a buzzword since 2010 and it is HAPPENING, or has been there for quite some time. Not only startups but large and agile enterprises are using “growth hacking” techniques whether they are aware or it or not.

So what exactly is growth hacking? Taken from the words Growth which means to Grow, and this will be subjective depending on the definition of each company / business / individual. Growth can be simply put into an increase in the number of subscribers or customers, increase in the market share, or in reverse like decrease in the number of customer returns or rework. Hacking would simply be defined as altering for good reason, the course of growth of any business area in an exemplary / extraordinary manner. Simply put into my own words, Growth Hacking is tapping into your inner “Designer” self and make creative, innovative, and cost efficient ways to “grow” your business, whether it is a product, service, optimizing an existing service / process, or anything in between at a rate that’s considered to be a “hack” or above the norms of the industry your business belongs to.

So can a Design Thinker be a Growth Hacker? Absolutely! Design Thinkers are the perfect candidates for Growth Hackers. For us to better understand the concept of Design Thinking, let us revisit the definition of Design Thinking according to Interaction Design:

Design Thinking is not an exclusive property of designers—all great innovators in literature, art, music, science, engineering, and business have practiced it. What’s special about Design Thinking  is that designers’ work processes can help us systematically extract, teach, learn and apply these human-centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way – in our designs, in our businesses, in our countries, in our lives.

Following the principles of Design Thinking, we can now define the main stages for Growth Hacking as follows

Growth Hacking for Design Thinkers

The above mentioned steps of Emphatize – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test, ensures there is a stable and reproducible results for each area of the business that is being hacked for growth.

Design thinking is not only for designers but also for anyone who seeks innovation that is powerful, effective and integrable into every level of an organization, product, or service so as to drive new alternatives / growth hacks for the business and the community they serve.

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