Explainer Videos by MRDZYN Studio

May 06, 2019

How to Make Effective Explainer Videos by MRDZYN Studio

Explainer videos are so effective because they combine audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way. Instead of just providing text or audio, they use both, proven to increase message retention

Whether it’s the one used by Dropbox to fuel their growth from 0 to 100 million users, or any of the other thousands of videos used around the internet to explain SaaS companies and digital products.

Andrew Angus, Switch Video’s founder, explains this in his book 60 Seconds: How to tell your company’s story & the brain science that makes EXPLAINER VIDEOS stick.

The Secret Sauce for Making an Effective Explainer Video

Believe it or not, the script is the first place you want to start when making an explainer video.

So how you do write a good script?

Remember to pay the most attention to your script since that’s the piece that will make or break your video, and it’s always a good idea to tell a story whenever you can.