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Where do you start setting up your ONLINE business? Start with Social Media and Content Creation!

Chances are you are already on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Content creation is the most important and least expensive way to establish your ONLINE presence.

Create original content that is representative of your brand.

How We Do Social Media.

The first step is to learn about your business. Together, we answer the following questions:

  • What makes your BRAND unique?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • When do you expect a return on your Social Media?
  • How will your target audience react to your post?
  • Why are you going for Social Media?

We post on Social Media to:

  • Inform 
  • Entertain; and
  • Educate your audience

The goal is to SPARK as much engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) as possible.

Start sharing content with your INNER CIRCLE (Family, Friends, Relatives)

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What software do you need as a one of the Designpreneurs (Designer or Entrepreneurs) this coming 2020? We compiled the BEST of the BEST this 2020 as the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020!

Introducing Web Builder PRO by MRDZYN Studio, a website builder that is free of recurring licenses. Create from over 200+ Industry website templates or create your own!

Are you a #business owner managing multiple online stores? 🏢 
Or an entrepreneur doing ecommerce with your family? 
Does your business take away so much of your time, you are not able to take care of yourself? 
Then you are not alone! Look no further, we have the superpowers to help your business! 
👍We do more than just branding. With technology, we can do leads automation for your business. Chatbots anyone? 

Custom Bots for your Business. Get yours built today! 
Visit our website MRDZYN Studio to talk to our chatbot and set up a short meeting now!

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Any business would like to see themselves on Google, the no. 1 search engine on the planet. It would be easier for your customers to search for your name on Google and know about your company's products and services. MRDZYN Studio can get your company searchable on Google and climb the ranking through SEO, content writing, social media engagement, and Google's own services.

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