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The Ultimate Guide to Designpreneurship [Infographic]


The Ultimate Guide to Designpreneurship will serve as a Bible, a Guide, and a Manual for new, up and coming, and experienced designer entrepreneurs.

the ultimate guide to designpreneurship
The Ultimate Guide to Designpreneurship Infographic by MRDZYN Studio

We started blogging about Designpreneurship and how Designers can become successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs of their own company, and how we can Design our way to success!

The Ultimate Guide to DesignpreneurshipA Bible, A Guide, and A Manual

Our Designpreneurs Blog

We started our Designpreneurs blog to help people starting out as Designer Entrepreneurs or even experienced Designers in the various tools available on the Market out there. In this official blog, we would be highlighting essential business skills that Designers would really want to focus on.

Designpreneurs Blog
The Designpreneurs Blog


Like famous celebrities and self-established entrepreneurs / industry influencers, Establishing your own Brand ONLINE would really be our best bet to be the FIRST STEP on your Designpreneurship journey! You may start with your own personal or business logo. It’s either you try to create one yourself or let the experts do it for you! Make your own unique color palette for your brand. Choose your own username on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Behance, Medium, and so much more.

Photographer: Ian Schneider | Source: Unsplash


Once you’ve decided how your Brand will appear on online search results, it would be best to post content on social media, your own website, and different blog channels. Launching your own website as well as your own Facebook page might be the most crucial next step in your Designpreneurship journey. We highly recommend choosing a short, unique and memorable domain for your Brand. We also recommend choosing the right website builder for your Brand. Of course, we would want you to try out our FREE WEBSITE BUILDER PRO and see for yourself just how easy it is to DESIGN your OWN WEBSITE. We even made a short comparison of the most famous website builders here.

Open shop
Photographer: Mike Petrucci | Source: Unsplash


Like ALL entrepreneurs, we need to INVEST, and the best return on investment would be to Invest in yourself! Buy Online courses, eBooks, attend webinars and trainings. Invest on LEGIT SOFTWARE or subscribe to a Design Platform. I started out buying online courses from various vendors. You can follow my Twitter handle for daily dose of the best online courses deals available.I also invested in eBooks, attended webinars (FREE), and trainings (offline). I invested in Software Design platforms which you can find on our Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019 here. I use Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher, all legit software I bought online. I support these companies in the best possible way I can. Invest on your machine (PC or MAC), accessories (Graphics tablet or iPad Pro?), and good old paper and fine pen for doodling and sketching rough ideas! It still works!

This is a shot of the owner of New Zealand watch company - Hunters Race.
Photographer: Hunters Race | Source: Unsplash


You can start your search in your inner circle of friends or referrals. You can even start helping out a Charity org. Finding and keeping clients throughout your journey is an endless and learning process. There is no exact formula in finding them. Do your Research. This crucial and never ending step might be the most frustrating in your Designpreneurship journey. It is no easy task either! I personally started MRDZYN Studio as a hobby, joining design contests on Freelancer, DesignCrowd, 99designs, Crowdspring, and Upwork (project bids). There is certainly a lot of competitions, especially those low balls (Fiverr, Legiit) which of course you should know by now, how much is your time worth. Find clients and make them your direct clients. Do Better than expected and expect no favor, but ALWAYS keep in touch with your clients! Communication is the Key! Ask for feedback! Always keep upsells at a low or be discrete about it, so you don’t appear to be too Salesy! Provide Value to your clients so they will Value your Services. Creating your own Design / Technology Consulting empire might be closer than you think!

An image I caught while photographing a business event in Denver.
Photographer: Jim Reardan | Source: Unsplash


Just keep learning and doing what you are most passionate about, and you will never work a single day in your life! Modify your Brand as quickly as the world changes. Re-establish yourself and ADAPT to your customer needs and changing Industry trends! Designpreneurship is a life long journey, a commitment to helping people through Design and enabled by Technology. It should always be TO SERVE and not to be served. Seek and you shall find. Keep on improving and NEVER stop learning. If you have any more to add here, feel free to email us or comment on this blog post!

Just follow the arrows and do as you are told.
Photographer: Tuesday Temptation | Source: Unsplash

As with many ULTIMATE GUIDES, the Ultimate Guide to Designpreneurship is an ever changing and ever improving piece of collaborative work. For that I leave you with this Facebook image I saw today on my feed. It is a very good reminder for myself why I stopped chasing Companies (and recruiters) and started chasing my Dreams!

Jack Ma and MrDzyn Studio
Why I stopped Chasing Companies (and Recruiters) and Started Chasing my Dreams!
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